The Poetry Buddy: A Seamus Heaney Guide for Advanced Level Students.

The Poetry Buddy is a Seamus Heaney guidebook meant for MATSEC Advanced Level students, as well as anyone who is looking for a fresh and unconventional approach to the appreciation of poetry. It offers:

– A close reading of seven of the poems on the Advanced Level Syllabus;

– Lucid language and a readable, student-friendly approach;

– Lively and creative explanations of how diction, imagery, tone, form, versification, rhyme, rhythm and soundscapes work for each poem under consideration;

– Contextual information that does not take away from the poems’ emotional impetus;

– Elucidation and examples of poetic devices;

– A rejection of the conventional summary and thematic approaches to poetry.

The Introduction offers practical tips to enjoy and fall in love with poetry. It is essential reading for anyone sitting for the Advanced Criticism Poetry component, as well as anyone who wants to give poetry a chance.

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